Hello! I’m Tawni

I have created this consulting company to empower single women to live their best lives. To find and embrace self love. To live a life with purpose and intention. And then I will teach you how to attract romantic love, the kind you deserve instead of the kind you’ve been settling for.
My process is powerful and life changing.
I will teach you how to live a life by design–YOUR unique design.
To live fearlessly. To believe in yourself in a whole new way.To choose more and ask for more than you thought possible. To dream bigger.



It all starts with a powerful choice. Are you ready to take responsibility for your life, your energy, and what you have been drawing to you or attracting over the years? Do you know your “why”? Are you ready to heal any hurt, regret, or shame that you have kept bottled up or pushed deep down inside? Are you ready to do a little work to shift your energy? You’ll need to be ready to answer the tough questions with completely honest answers. We will dig deep. And you will feel lighter and more brave than you ever have before. You will stop caring about what other people think of you and live your life on your terms. Your confidence will grow not only in yourself personally but in your life life, business, and other relationships. Especially with men. 🙂 I will, when you’re ready, teach you amazing FLIRTing skills.

Most women benefit from the 3 week coaching program. They tell me that I have changed their lives in such a short amount of time. It feels a bit like magic.

Ready to LIVE fearlessly?!! To seize the moment. To stop waiting for tomorrow or for something else to change when you know that you have the power within you to change your life.
Start taking action. Learn how to have a voice and stand up for yourself with new courage–without feeling guilty. Make yourself a priority. Invest in YOU!

Romance. Adventure. Career.
Live Out Loud




I have been empowering women to be better versions of themselves since I was in middle school. I waged a war against the girls who were bullying other girls and I taught them to be nicer and to stop putting others down to feel better about themselves. I affected real change, and these girls wrote in my yearbook at the end of the year that they wished they had had the courage to stand up to the “group”–the popular, pretty girl clique.

As an adult, I started counseling battered women at a shelter and volunteered to help them change their lives in different ways– helping them find shelter, continuing education, and jobs. I became a personal trainer with my own company helping women get stronger, mentally and physically, with the idea that stronger, more confident women would lead to less abuse from men in relationships. These clients made me their “therapists” and I decided to attend graduate school for a masters in counseling at Naropa in Boulder.

I started my matchmaking company, FLIRT, in 2006 with the idea that people need to get really confident in who they were before they could have a truly healthy love life. Or even attract someone healthy to them. I love having parties, workshops, and events where I help people connect. But the most rewarding thing I get to do is teach them how to love themselves FIRST so they can attract really healthy partners.


And the way I became the way I am is because of my amazing parents! They really believed in me and validated me my whole life–even now. i am beyond grateful for what they instilled in me. My Dad taught me that being a girl should not limit me or my choices and that I could be anything I wanted. I grew up surrounded by love and support. And now I would like to offer you the same thing. So you can believe in yourself completely =no self doubt. And you will get rid of any negative self talk you currently have. You will learn how to celebrate the awesome person you really are!