"You have really changed my life! You taught me how to actually be myself --especially on dates and how to have a voice especially at work. You let me know how I was coming across on dates with the feedback from the men who thought I was indifferent or not interested when I was really just shy. I learned how to express my feelings in a whole new way. Without fear of judgment."


"After my first workshop with Tawni, something shifted in me. Men started approaching me out and about. I was on fire! Flirting like I had never done before. It felt like magic. Just a dose of Tawni's energy can shift you!"


"You are such a talent. You are the real deal. You’re one of a kind. I loved working with you! You helped me see how I was in my own way in dating. I have so many men over this past year and I credit you and what you taught me about myself. Thank you!"


"You are a ray of sunshine in my life! Thank you for all of your support and honesty. Calling me out on my bullshit. Getting me to reach for more and not settle. Grateful for you!"


"I brag about you to all my friends—you figured out more about me in the first hour than any therapist my whole life. You made me see things differently, more objectively. You helped me heal stuff from my past that I did not even realize was affecting me--especially the men I had been choosing. After your 6 week program, I feel like a different person, lighter, more confident. And I have drawn a man to me that I probably would not have met before or given him a chance--he is amazing and we are now in a beautiful committed relationship. You rock, girl!"


"I am in a great place in my life now and it is all because of you, Tawni. I didn't realize how much fear was lingering me from my failed marriage. I really needed to rebuild and you helped me with that."


"My friend said to me recently, "Whatever Tawni is doing with you is working! You have grown so much--your confidence and standing up for yourself--so much more assertive! Wonderful to see."


" I met the man of my dreams two years ago after Tawni pretty much dared us all to go out and introduce ourselves to interesting strangers. I get it. It's easier to either stay home, accept advances from people you don't find particularly attractive, or bitch about there being no good men/women. Guess what? You make your luck. I gave my phone number to a hunk who eventually grew into my dream man as we got to know each other. Dumb luck, really. Try it. Fall on your face a few times and keep trying anyway. It's so incredibly worth it." #foundloveflirting


"Thank you so much for the workshop last night. I did all my homework when I got home. It was really powerful. You are simply the best.💙"